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How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes

I expected this to be a troll video about sacrificing your soul in exchange for art skills or something but this was actually very informative.


Making decisions in Bioware games like


Cullen: Ha! I'm about to wi - INQUISITOR! *knocks over chess board* *knocks down table* *flips chair* *stumbles on game pieces* *falls over already knocked over table* INQUISI - *falls over


A break from the current plot; Alrek is the dad-est dad to ever dad, and he doesn’t even do it ironically. Poor Judicael.

There’s a pyro in my house #tf2 #pyro #teamfortress2 #memaihasathing



The ultimate dad joke compilation

what a country




Gabriel Perez by Jimmy Backius.

Would you fuck a robot?

depends on how the sex is

Cold, stiff and a little repetitive.

name: Memai
height: 5’7”
eye color: black like the void within my heart
birthday: September 4th, I am blessed by Queen Beyonce herself
favorite color: Teal and peach! 
best school subject(s): Art and Science
current shirt color: White
day or night: With this weather I can’t even tell
Sexual Orientation: Girls? B-boys? G-Girls??? BOYS??? *cries*
single or taken in a relationship: engaged
celebrity crush: Lee Pace good god almighty damn
coffee or tea: Bean water.


Dorian Pavus and his incredible shoulders.


The feathers that Cullen and Anders have on their outfits remind me of how some male birds poof out their chests to impress the females



for those long drives down empty back roads, long hours stuck in traffic, with nothing but a friend, coffee, a map, and less than 16 hours of sleep and $20 in change between the both of you. broken down into three parts. 

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made for my best friend, alyx.

if the download does not work for some reason, contact me and we can try other methods!


There’s nothing about Morrigan’s characterization or background that reads as heterosexual to me- it’s so awkwardly tacked on for the Straight Male Gamer, this wild woman for them to tame and command with the power of their Straight Male Penis (if you don’t believe me look up some of the deleted content for Morrigan, where she gets hysterical about the relationship and insists that she can’t risk falling in love with the Warden but then passionately starts making out with them)

The Dark Ritual was written with Straight Male Gamers in mind

This is a woman who grew up in isolation, under the watchful eye of an abusive mother who only valued her for her body (either as a potential vessel for her own consciousness or as a vessel for the OGB) and who had no reason to adhere to a heterosexual mindset (which the devs have tried to claim in the past isn’t default in Thedas anyway without providing any evidence for it?)

She’s disdainful of romance, frustrated by and mocks interdependence in an intimate context. She is the only LI to cut off sexual interactions, presumably again because she’s terrified of the strength of her affection for the SMG but she is never frightened of the strength of her friendship with a female warden- the passion in her voice (god bless Claudia Black for that) when she calls you sister is far more convincing than anything in her romance path

And she gives up her bodily autonomy for the Dark Ritual, partaking in something that gives her no pleasure or comfort (although she might delight in the power it gives her) for the sake of a warden, something that so many people in the fandom are quick to forget under claims that she’s grasping and power hungry and looking to corrupt Alistair/Loghain. She still submits to an uncomfortable ceremony so that the Warden can live, committing to a long and lonely pregnancy with a god growing in her body. Even if you want to believe that she’s power hungry, even if you are comfortable with the canon portrayal of her as heterosexual, that’s still a huge sacrifice and commitment that she’s willing to make, all to save the Warden’s life 

Morrigan is proof to me that it’s so easy to have asexual aromantic characters in our consumable media, because there’s so much in her characterization that easily reads as ace aro. The beauty of her friendship with a female warden is one of the most magnificent relationships I’ve ever encountered, and it’s no less intense and no less meaningful just because it’s not romantic or sexual  

heroic-a mix for the brave and valiant, and the perils they face

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