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Your songs remind me of swimming,Which I forgot when I started to sinkDragged further away from the shore,And deeper into the drink.

Your songs remind me of swimming,
Which I forgot when I started to sink
Dragged further away from the shore,
And deeper into the drink.


Commission for skyrim-junkie, of their Bosmer-Nord, Erandell, who got caught in a bit of a rainshower! Oops ;>

Commissions are still open, guys! Feel free to hit me up!


Commission for my braddah, @professorpineapple uwu <33 Useless werewolf boys ahoy!

Commissions are still open folks, hit me up with an ask ;>


What if The Elder Scrolls had a short animated series? ;> Originally for the Art Slam project, which I failed horrendously in due to time constraints X_X However, I plan on adding and doing more, to make a more coherent story, perhaps ;>


Fun inspiration stuff; my friends belog hella fun mixes (that range from emotionally shattering sadness to mindblowingly upbeat feelings). This is mostly for my own reference but y’all are free to gawk :3

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WIP of my Warden Amell and her bae, Leliana <33


Commission for A, of their Turian bae, Jens uwu Who said I only drew scrappy Vanguards? ;>

Commissions are gonna open up soon by the way! Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!


[ Full view! ]

"You never did give me that massage, Zevran," Mahariel said, looking over his lover with a playful smirk. He gave a big stretch, punctuated by a few cracks here and there.

"Mm, I see what you mean," Zevran rolled to his stomach, yawning, "Well, we have a love journey ahead of us, it would not do to leave my Grey Warden wanting."

Mahariel laughed, as he sat with his back towards the Antivan, “An assassin and a mind reader? You’re something else, lethallin.

[ pose was referenced from here! ]

maotheism said:
Martin and Mari for the kissing meme WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S TOO LATE NO MY KOKORO GOES DOKI DOKI

bellisadinosaur said:
9 Alesha and Bri

pink-reindeer said:
#6 with Camille & Mimi? OuO

"A kiss for good luck!"

"You’re just going out to get milk though."

"Good luck nevertheless!"

brorsino said:

"I wish I could stop dreaming about you."

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