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Commission for @celestennui, of their Fable II’s Sparrow <33 And family, of course ;>

Terribly sorry for the delay on the rest of the commissions folks! Lots of stuff came up and I haven’t been feeling my 100% Things should be moving along now! <333

Years after Alrek returns to High Rock, he eventually weds and bears a son named Judicael Allard.

He resembles Alrek well enough, but that’s where their similarities end; Jude’s a smart kid, very witty, applied himself to his studies, but always felt happier riding through the glens and firing his arrows. He liked showing off to the young men and women in court, as if he could be even more impressive.

He was closer to his mother, and his father’s lover. While he loved Alrek dearly, they differed too much in their ideologies; they often had debates at the dinner table.

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Your songs remind me of swimming,Which I forgot when I started to sinkDragged further away from the shore,And deeper into the drink.

Your songs remind me of swimming,
Which I forgot when I started to sink
Dragged further away from the shore,
And deeper into the drink.


Commission for skyrim-junkie, of their Bosmer-Nord, Erandell, who got caught in a bit of a rainshower! Oops ;>

Commissions are still open, guys! Feel free to hit me up!


Commission for my braddah, @professorpineapple uwu <33 Useless werewolf boys ahoy!

Commissions are still open folks, hit me up with an ask ;>


What if The Elder Scrolls had a short animated series? ;> Originally for the Art Slam project, which I failed horrendously in due to time constraints X_X However, I plan on adding and doing more, to make a more coherent story, perhaps ;>


Fun inspiration stuff; my friends belog hella fun mixes (that range from emotionally shattering sadness to mindblowingly upbeat feelings). This is mostly for my own reference but y’all are free to gawk :3

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WIP of my Warden Amell and her bae, Leliana <33


Commission for A, of their Turian bae, Jens uwu Who said I only drew scrappy Vanguards? ;>

Commissions are gonna open up soon by the way! Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!


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"You never did give me that massage, Zevran," Mahariel said, looking over his lover with a playful smirk. He gave a big stretch, punctuated by a few cracks here and there.

"Mm, I see what you mean," Zevran rolled to his stomach, yawning, "Well, we have a love journey ahead of us, it would not do to leave my Grey Warden wanting."

Mahariel laughed, as he sat with his back towards the Antivan, “An assassin and a mind reader? You’re something else, lethallin.

[ pose was referenced from here! ]

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Martin and Mari for the kissing meme WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S TOO LATE NO MY KOKORO GOES DOKI DOKI

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