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Aveline Vallen
by  DragonReine

Today needs more Aveline, complete with marigolds and wheat. Such a beautifully detailed painting. 

Reblogging Aveline goodness 

why hello there, gorgeous Reine art. I love Aveline.

More love for Aveline? MAKE IT SO, TUMBLR <3

Battle couple Andrean ;> Can’t go wrong with an OTP that kicks ass, takes names and have some super fluffy cuddle times after super sexy sex ;>

Bonus: Sebby baby love for my Hazel baby ♥


The prettied up and cropped sketch to the trade I’m doing with Mikky (look at that date, haha). This is the part I’m happy with; I fought with the poses so much, and have decided to draw something new rather than continue the battle with this one. There comes a point when you’re just better off re-drawing a picture, and I hit it with this one XD

Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle

It’s for a contest winner in my darling Popo’s APH group <3 Going to try and paint this cheeky bugger digitally